BASF is a world’s leading chemical company having Head Quarters in Germen and it has a strong presence in chemical industry for more than 150years globally, BASF in a branding of Master Builders solutions are offering advanced chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair or renovation of structures. Our employees form a global community of construction chemicals experts that are passionate about solving our customers’ specific challenges at all stages of construction as well as throughout the lifecycle of the structure.

Under the Master Builders Solutions brand BASF combines its technological know-how and comprehensive product portfolio to provide the right solutions, based on our experience gained in countless construction projects worldwide.

BASF - Master builders solutions portfolio :

  • Concrete admixtures
  • Waterproofing systems
  • Concrete repair and protection systems
  • Structural strengthening systems
  • Performance grouts like cementitious, Epoxy etc..
  • Flooring systems like Epoxy, PU etc..
  • Comfort floor systems
  • PU injection systems
  • Joint sealant systems 

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BOSTIK has a Head Quarters in US and started in late 1889, It has a very strong customer base in retail and industrial market. Our business is about much more than sticking things together. For over a century, we have developed smart solutions that touch and improve people’s daily lives.

Bostik adhesives can be found almost everywhere. From cradle to grave, from home to office, from food to transport, our bonding systems are used in countless applications. Our products might be subtle but their impact is profound: contributing to a safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive world.

BOSTIK Product Portfolio :

  • Industrial Adhesives
  • Industrial & Joint sealants
  • Waterproofing systems
  • Cementitious, Epoxy & EPU Flooring systems
  • Hygiene coating systems
  • Concrete repair systems         

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MYK LATICRETE is a joint venture between LATICRETE International, USA and the MYK Group, India. Its history is shaped by numerous industry firsts and pioneering achievements such as creation of thin-set adhesives, load-bearing waterproofing membranes, development of sound & anti-fracture one step adhesive mortars etc.

Since inception in 2000, MYK LATICRETE has led many innovations in the construction industry in India and is the acknowledged pioneer in tile and stone installation solutions. Our comprehensive range of adhesives, grouts, sealers, sealants and waterproofing material is universally acknowledged for its quality and innovation.

The three world-class manufacturing units located at Hyderabad, Perundurai and Sotanala.

Hyderabad are MYK LATICRETE’s commitment to provide the most leading and innovative product. MYK LATICRETE is now poised to add muscle to its production capabilities with a fully automated manufacturing unit and India’s first end-to-end solutions facility that produces adhesives and grouts. We have also created a first-of-its-kind R&D facility in India, which enables us to constantly come up with breakthrough products and developments.

Our mission is to maintain our global leadership in high quality installation systems for tile and stone products.

MYK Laticrete product portfolio :

  • Tile adhesive like cementitious & Epoxy
  • Tile grout like cementitious & Epoxy
  • Tile cleaner
  • Solid & Hollow Block adhesive
  • Glittering epoxy tile grouts

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SIKA INDIA PVT LTD has a Head Quarters in Switzerland and it had started its operations in Indian in 1985 , SIKA has got a strong customer base in retail market as well as project segment, SIKA has a wide range of products which offers solution from retail users to projects base customers.

SIKA product portfolio :

  • Concrete Admixture
  • Waterproofing systems
  • Concrete repair and protection systems
  • Cementitious & Epoxy grouts
  • Epoxy & PU Flooring systems
  • Structural strengthening systems
  • Industrial sealant systems

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